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Anvil Cotton Handkerchiefs Batch No. 1

Hanks! Hankies! Handkerchiefs! Call em' what you want... they're plain awesome. This limited run, batch No. 1 in fact, are crafted in house by my very own Mother (ain't that sweet.) There are 5 different colors to choose from. Any older customer might recognize the fabric too. That's the 7 oz. Cotton Duck fabric that used to line the interiors of Anvil Wallets. I moved away from that practice years ago but I've always love this fabric. Each hanky is backed with either a gray flannel or, in the case of the red hankies, a black patterned cotton. The wallets pictured with the hankies are for show, and are not included with any purchase.




Color:Black, Purple, Green, Red, or Blue

Other Details:

Red is backed with a black cotton fabric, all other colors use gray flannel.