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Bifold Chain Wallet - Black Shell Cordovan






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If you know what Shell Cordovan hide is then you're likely to find this wallet to be one of your favorites. In terms of quality this is the best I've ever come across (and that's saying something.) If you don't know what Shell Cordovan is I'm happy to educate. Shell Cordovan is horse hide, specifically from the rump of the horse. Its notable for its tautness and durability. This hide in particular carries a fine polish too. 
  • Leather:  Shell Cordovan (Horse)
  • Size: 5.5 in. by 4 in. Closed (11.75 in. by 4 in. Open)
  • Color: Black
  • Liner: Dirty Orange
  • Interior: Black Cowhide
  • Stitching: Multicolor Orange, Yellow, Red
  • Card Slots:  2 Card Slots, 1 ID Window Slot
  • Bill Sections:1 Full length bill section
  • Snap Finish:Antique Brass
  • Wallet Chain Attachment: Brass, lathe turned
  • Anvil Lifetime Warranty
  • Chains Pictured can be purchased separately here

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