Money Clip Wallet - Karung Snake

The Karung Snake, AKA the Elephant Trunk Snake (or Javan File Snake) is indigenous to Southeast Asia and Thailand.  Its scientific name is "Acrochordus javanicus" and maximum length is 95" long. The feel and texture of these snake hides is just something you must put in your hands to understand.....smooooooth and very snake-like.  This wallet is definitely a conversation starter.

  • Leather: Karung Snake (Elephant Trunk Snake)
  • Size: 4 in. by 3 in.
  • ColorTan, Black and White
  • Wallet Chain Connectors, via shackle are an optional upgrade.
  • Unique spring-loaded clip is securely installed onto leather wallet.  This very nice piece of hardware is made in Chicago, IL and is 3/4" diameter.  It completely swings from one side to the other allowing maximum chain movement with the wallet.

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