22 Inch Silver and Bronze Anvil Bead Wallet Chain

I've had this in my mind for a while now.  A Wallet Chain that is modular with customizable beads throughout.  Beads that ride a healthy length of full grain leather round cord.  The beads you see here on this wallet chain are Anvil Signature, depicting my logo icon, The Anvil.  But what truly makes this wallet chain stand out is the unique and originally designed Chain End Attachments that secure the .925 Silver Lucky Horseshoe Clasps.  These custom .925 silver adapters are hollow so the leather cord ends install into and then are pinned with .925 silver pin-wire, then doublebacked and polished.  This allows for a lifetime of usage and repair (if ever necessary).  This wallet chain is certainly a conversation piece, but also a seamless, almost snake-like, object that will touch that ever-so-sensitive nerve of joy in your being.  

Length: 22 inches clasp to clasp

Material: .925 Silver/Bronze cast beads, interspaced with micarta beads on a leather cord with Silver lucky horseshoe clasps

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