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Leather Lounge Chair - Laced Tobacco Hornback Alligator

Architecture, quality materials, simple designs, earthy tones, unique construction ... some of my favorite things!  I use to own 100+ old architecture magazines that I would repeatedly look through, gazing at the odd shapes, straight lines and various use of spaces.  Aside from visual artistic pleasure, I gained much inspiration from the above mentioned themes and I always found it somewhat easy to incorporate this inspiration into my own craft, whatever that was at the time.  Growing up, I made all sorts of things including chairs. I once made a chair for my mother from Ash branches I drug out of the woods near where I lived.  It sat in her garden for 30 years.  Simple in design and fun to stare at knowing the useful object was once a thriving, living thing.
Today, I still enjoy creating chairs, especially unique lounge chairs that tell a story & create conversation in the room is dwells.  This "Tobacco" American Alligator Hornback Hide was chosen and laced into the top of this lowboy lounge chair, wrapped around a welded steel frame ready for your bar or study. One might think the 'horns' of the alligator would feel uncomfortable, but I assure you its quite the opposite as you sink down and back into this most luxurious sitting arrangement.
  • 29" Tall x 26" Wide x 25" Deep
  • The seat is approximately 10" from the ground.
  • Welded Steel frame
  • Dual lined and stitched black leather
  • Free Shipping to Continental United States!



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