Bifold Leather Chain Wallet - Vintage Bark Elephant

You could call this an attractive wallet. Vintage bark elephant hide has a wonderful appearance as well as a nice weight. Once broken in this hide will conform nicely to its interior.

  • Leather:  Elephant
  • Size: 3.5 in. by 5.5 in. Closed (3.5 in. by 11 in. Open)
  • Color:Vintage Bark
  • Liner: Anvil Leather Liner
  • Interior: Matching Vintage Bark Elephant
  • Card Slots:  2
  • Bill Sections:1 Full length bill section
  • Wallet Chain Attachment:  Anvil Signature German Silver
  • Anvil Lifetime Warranty
  • Chains Pictured can be purchased separately here
  • Leather Loop Belt Fob Included!
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