22 Inch Bronze Copperhead Vertebrae Chain

This incredible wallet chain is crafted from bronze copperhead vertebrae. The story goes that RyanTheAnvil ran up on a copperhead while he was out at the river as a child. He killed the snake after it scared the crap out of him. He kept a vertebrae from the skeleton of the snake and many years later he cast it out of bronze. This chain features 28 of those cast bronze bones along a leather cord. This chain also features a lucky horseshoe clasp on one end and a forged brass belt hook on the other. This chain is also designed such that it can be easily repaired in the unfortunate scenario where the leather cord breaks.

  • 22 Inches Long
  • 28 Bronze Copperhead Vertebrae Beads
  • Brass Lucky Horseshoe Clasp and Forged Belt Hook
  • Easily Repairable Leather Cord
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