Genuine Alligator Leather Puritan Chain Wallet

 EXTREMELY LIMITED EDITION Genuine Alligator Leather Puritan Chain Wallets!  Only a few made as shown in pics! Handmade from the belly section of the hide of a very LARGE alligator.

$299 for this hard to find Genuine exotic leather!  Anvil is proud to have found a very nice quality Alligator Belly leather hide that's perfect for these sturdy, life-lasting Puritan Wallets.  Its a guaranteed crowd pleaser!


The American Alligator Belly Leather Puritan Wallet

  • Wallet Measures: 5×4”
  • Holds all your cards on one side, bill/receipt section on other side
  • Military grade metal grommet attaches chain (solid brass, nickel plated!)
  • Handmade in the USA....and that's FINAL!
  • Anvil Shorty 1/2 Persian Stainless is NOT included.