Anvil Collection - Black Stingray Long Chain Wallet with Cognac Elephant Wallet Holster

Our original creations are always something to behold. This group of products comes as a group and features one of our most unique creations to date: The Wallet Holster. Meant to be carried on a belt, the wallet holster perfectly fits one of our long wallets. And hey, if you're out at a bike rally you can keep the wallet in your pocket and use the holster to sport a water bottle or beer too. This set is loaded with some truly incredible pieces


  • Black Stingray Long Chain Wallet with vintage black snaps, and hand stained tequila skull interior
  • Cognac Elephant Wallet Holster
  • 22 Inch Goliath half-Persian Chainmail Wallet Chain with .925 Lucky Horseshoe Clasps
  • Cognac Elephant Leather Loop with polished jewelers grade stainless steel key ring

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