Anvil Collection - Purple & Bordeaux Alligator With Shell Cordovan

The fine combination of deep red and purple leathers in this collection is really a treat. Genuine American Alligator and Shell Cordovan Horse leather pair well together to create a clean combination. Additionally this collection includes some items that you can only get here: A sweet low key 3 pocket wallet made from shell cordovan, as well as a premium eyeglasses case with a durple purple exterior.

Collection Includes:

  • 1 Durple Purple Alligator Bifold Chain Wallet
  • 1 14 Inch Half Dollar Coin Mail Wallet Chain
  • 1 Bordeaux Alligator Belt
  • 1 Shell Cordovan 3 Pocket Wallet
  • 1 Durple Purple Alligator Belt Hanger Key Fob
  • 1 Durple Purple Alligator Leather Loop
  • 1 Durple Purple Alligator Eyeglasses Case
  • 1 Large Bordeax and Durple Purple Alligator EDC Tray with Brass Concho

 Individual retail for included items is approximately $2200.


1 item left