Anvil Goodnight Knuck

Consider it an essential addition to your EDC collection, the Anvil “Goodnight” Knuck is without a doubt one of my favorite additions to our store.  Inspired by the eternal coffin bed we will all one day say "goodnight" and lay to rest in, this one of a kind brass knuckle duster will make you smile.  It feels great in the hand and is a sure conversation starter.  

Each single finger brass knuckles is numbered in consecutive order in which it was made.  Great for your pocket or as a gift for a good friend. (The Brass Patina will be marked "P" before the serial number and the Copper will be marked "C" before the serial number.)

These will be made in small batches and therefore are very limited in quantity.

Dimensions:  2.5" Long X 1.5" wide X 0.5" Thick

Metals: Brass, Brass Patina, Copper

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