Brass Knuckle - Anvil Coffin

They’re BAAAACCKK!!  

RyanTheAnvil is stoked to announce his Anvil Knuck is Back In Stock & without a doubt one of his favorite additions to Anvil Product Line-Up!  Inspired by the eternal coffin bed we will all one day lay to rest in, this one of a kind brass knuckle duster will make you smile.  It feels great in the hand and is a sure conversation starter.  

This 2018 Batch is referred to the Anvil Knuck & shows off a wicked CrossHatching on opposite side of the Anvil icon.  (RTA, being a huge fan of ‘all things blacksmith tools’ has a fine tuned appreciation for the subtle Crosshatching found on the interior surface of a blacksmith’s leg vise (See image), this is his homage to that bit of detail.  He hopes you also appreciate the attention paid as well.

Each single finger brass knuckles is numbered in consecutive order in which it was made. Great for your pocket or as a gift for a good friend. This is Version #2 and therefore “2” will be affixed before every stamped serial number to signify these are from batch Version 2, made in 2018. (The Brass will be marked "B” before the serial number, the Copper will be marked "C" before the serial number & the Forced Patina will be marked “P” before the serial number.)

NEW in this Knuck Batch, RTA is including a Certificate of Authenticity with the entire list of previous and current Serial Numbers of Anvil Knucks produced to date!!  

These are made in small batches and therefore very limited in quantity.  This is a first come, first serve & these particular Knucks will NOT be made again.....for another year, and possibly not at all.

Dimensions:  2.5" Long X 1.5" wide X 0.5" Thick

Metals: Brass, Brass Patina, Copper

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