Alligator Leather Puritan Chain Wallet - BROWN

 EXTREMELY LIMITED EDITION Genuine Alligator Leather Puritan Chain Wallets!  Only ONE made as shown in pics! Handmade from the belly section of the hide of an American alligator.

Anvil is proud to have found a very nice quality Alligator Belly leather hide that's perfect for these sturdy, life-lasting Puritan Wallets.  Its a guaranteed crowd pleaser!

The Alligator Leather Puritan Wallet - BROWN

  • Wallet Measures: 5×4”
  • Anvil Shorty Inverted Round Black-n-Stainless Chain Measures: 13” is INCLUDED or you can opt for the Wallet alone, without chain....You Choose!
  • Holds all your cards on one side, bill/receipt section on other side
  • Military grade metal grommet attaches chain (solid brass, nickel plated!)
  • Handmade in the USA....and that's FINAL!