Custom Men's Leather Belt - Violet Alligator with Forged Damascus Buckle

This incredible violet alligator custom belt has been carefully crafted by Ryan The Anvil. It features a hand forged Damascus Pattern Welded Steel Buckle and Keeper. This is not your every day belt. The buckle can slightly rust since its steel, so like your handgun, simply rub a bit of Hoppe's 9 gun oil onto the metal surfaces with an oiling cloth to retain that beautiful damascus color & texture. (remove buckle/keeper from belt when oiling. Only twice per year is suggested.)

  • Material: Genuine Alligator
  • Color: Violet
  • Width: 1.5” Wide
  • Stitch Color: Violet
  • Snaps:Vintage Black RTA
  • Adjustment:Belt has 7 adjustment holes spaced 1 inch apart, giving the wearer 3 inches above or below the center snap to adjust.
  • Choose Size: Simply select your pants waist size and Anvil will tailor the belt to the correct size (See Size Guide)
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