Sarasota Wallet - Shell Cordovan (Horse)

When opportunity all the Shell Cordovan you can!  Shell Cordovan is the leather hide of a horse’s rump.  No kidding, it might be the finest domestic leather hide one can find.  Look up the Wiki on Shell Cordovan, it will blow you away.

  • Now Available are these fine Sarasota Wallets handmade from this fine hide
  • If you don’t already own a Sarasota wallet, do yourself the favor and pick one up, it holds EVERYTHING that your big wallet holds
  • Genuine Shell Cordovan generally gets passed down to the next generation.....this shell is a wonderful burgundy in color and this Sarasota is liner with black alligator embossed cowhide
  • Size:  4x3”
  • Carry a Wallet Chain?  Add an optional wallet chain connector to this wallet for only $15

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