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Goodnight Knuck - V5 "Full Dresser"


 I'll tell you what, it's bitter-sweet, but I am proud to offer you the very final installment of my "Goodnight Knuck" Series starting back in 2016.  This Version 5 is a Full Dresser and is utterly impressive.  A true collector's piece, this knuckleduster will satisfy that inner perfectionist in you.  While to some these are just objects of objection, to me they symbolize the fierce protection that a father intends over his children.  That is why I call them Anvil Goodnight Knucks.  Every night, when I tuck my daughters into bed, I'm reminded that I am the Protector of my house & family and I'll tell them "Goodnight, SweetDreams, Don't Let The BedBugs Bite" as I pull their door closed.  It's at that late night hour that its game on for me, ready for anything, ready for the worst that could happen.  Oh, but I pity the fool who encroaches into my family's slumber, he wouldn't have such a goodnight...

This brass knuckle is a machined brass "quad" variant of our past offerings. For those who don't know, Anvil Customs offers a limited run of these collectible EDC items each year. Each knuck is stamped with a unique serial number.  

Material: Brass

Finger Hole Diameters: 1 in. Ea.

Dimensions: 2.875 in. long, 5.875 in. max width, 1/2 in. deep 

Detail:Anvil Logo Cut Out of Palm

View the Goodnight Knuck Registry Here

*Knucks are machine-finished

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