Hand Stained Leather Chain Wallet: "Hold Fast"

Get your sea-legs about ya!  You'll want to be voyaging the deep waters when you get your hands on Anvil's "HOLD FAST" hand stained chain wallet.  A tip of the hat too all our sailors and US Navy men and women!

  • Available Wallet Styles:  Long (7x4"), Bifold (5x4"), Trifold (5x4"), Long 6-Pocket (7.5x4.5") or Puritan (5x4")
  • This Shorty Inverted Round (14" length) wallet chain (stainless & black stainless) is not included with this wallet purchase, but a different Shorty Chain can be purchased separately here.
  • Wallets are black with meticulously handstained original artwork drawn by Anvil himself.  

Fair warning:  Production is very Limited and only 10 of each style will be produced, then never again.