Long Biker Leather Chain Wallet - Burgundy Alligator 6

A handmade long wallet crafted from a very nice burgundy alligator hide. It's a great wallet that has a slightly waxy exterior and some nicely defined alligator scales. Additionally this wallet features a red alligator inlay to give it a type of beauty-mark on the front of the wallet.
  • Leather:Alligator
  • Size:7.25 in. by 4 in. Closed (7.25 in by 8 in. Open)
  • Color: Burgundy
  • Liner: Oxblood Anvil Leather Liner
  • Interior: Dirty Brown
  • Snaps: Gunmetal Shiny Black
  • Stitching: Brown
  • Card Slots:4 Card Slots
  • Bill Sections: 2 full length bill sections
  • Wallet Chain Attachment:  Nickel Plated Brass, lathe turned
  • Anvil Lifetime Warranty
  • Chains Pictured not included but can be purchased separately here
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