Lucky Leaf Hand Forged Keychain Fob

Since I was young, I’ve always carried a keychain....get off me, I thought I was cool.

But not just any keychain and certainly not those gawdy, messy piles of linked plunder that you girls carried full of rubber question marks and/or bushy bunny tails and/or empty lipgloss containers.  

The keychain I would carry was simple.  It only had a couple of keys and 1 single fob of some sort.  The difference is, my keychain fobs, over the years, were handmade by me.  When I think back to first time I took pride in something I made.....I think about my keychains.  They made me proud that I made them, whatever they were.  Could have been leather, metal, wood, plastic......but I made them.  

Fast forward to meeting my girlfriend (my wife today), I Hand Forged her a Twisted Nail Keychain Fob and stamped her name, MELODY, into it.

I’d like to introduce you to my “Lucky Leafs”.....Hand Forged from the earth’s iron crust and ready to carry.  Will they bring you luck?  That’s not up to me....but I will say, they will remind you that someone, somewhere is taking Pride in their Work.  Something I think we should ALL do each and every day.

 Be excellent to each other & put forth excellence in everything you do each & everyday, no matter what it is.....& you will be rewarded for it.  — RTA

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