RyanTheAnvil TopHat Skull .925 Silver Wallet Chain

RyanTheAnvil has done it again with this rarely made .925 Silver TopHat Skull Wallet Chain depicting custom one off TopHat Skulls, unique RyanTheAnvil “Lucky Horseshoe” Lobster Clasp and TopHat Skull Chain Hook!  Over 18 months of Original Design work and astounding craftsmanship has been invested to bring you a one of a kind wallet chain to turn every head in your county....

Beautiful genuine .925 Silver all throughout this amazing wallet chain

Length: 24” from tip to tip

Girth: 1/2”

“Lucky Horseshoe” Lobster Clasp:  Marked “RyanTheAnvil, Since 2005, Anvil Leather”.  Note the horseshoe’s squared nail holes & ‘anvil horn’ thumb stud!

TopHat Skulls:  28 to be exact, including the 2 dangles at the bottom!  (Do note:  when worn, all TopHat Skulls can be seen upright!)

OPTIONAL:  Red & Blue Sapphires (natural): Set into each eye socket - (This option is available ONE TIME, meaning I only have 1 chain with these stones!)

TopHat Skull Hook:  Hooks to your belt or belt loop

(By purchasing this amazing wallet chain, you adhere to RyanTheAnvil’s terms & conditions.  This wallet chain should be considered jewelry and should be WELL TAKEN CARE OF by you, the owner.  Therefore, any damage to the chain after receipt is the sole responsibility of you, the owner.  Any repairs are the the expense of you, the owner.)

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