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‘Series of 8’ Anvil Wallets: Classic Wallet Art, Volume 1

If you’re seeing this, Welcome to RTA’s “Series of 8” — A Collection of 8 Anvil Wallets handmade in thematic fashion having in common certain aesthetic details such as color or art or stitch or hides to create a very Special Limited Edition set of highly coveted Anvil Wallets.  🔥 Each wallet is number 1-8 on the backside.  - This is Volume 1 of a “Series of 8” … more Volumes to come! 🔥 As shown in images, each Anvil Wallet comes with a matching Anvil Loop ($125 value) + 22” wallet chain ($295 value) of Your Choice!

The following is a short description of each Classic Anvil Wallet Art for each wallet.  NOTE: There is only ONE of each wallet available, NEVER to be duplicated the same again!:

1: Gen3 Long Wallet: “We The People” (with Crossed 6-Shooters, drawn by RTANVIL)

2: Mini Long: “Lucky Horseshoe Skull” + “Gaucho Skull (drawn by unknown tattoo artist)

3: Standard Bifold: “Flying Guitar Skull” (skull drawn by tattoo artist, Dan F., Stars & Stripes drawn by RTANVIL)

4: Gen3 Long: “HandStab” + “Key to my Heart” (swallow bird) + “BuggedOut” (drawn by Dan F.)

5: Mini Long: “Mariachi Skully” + “Hi-Straight w/Skulls” (drawn by tattoo artist, Shorty)

6: Standard Bifold: “3 Little Birds” (redrawn by RTANVIL - I would sing this Bob Marley song to my girls at bedtime)

7: Standard Bifold: “Broken Hearted School” (drawn by tattoo artist, name unknown)

8: Gen3 Long: “Rockabilly” (drawn by tattoo artist Brandon Von Dreaux)

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