The Essential Anvil Leather Key Chain Fob

Anvil Leather Key Chain

  • Built by hand from genuine Hermann Oak Leather
  • It may not be "Straight Outta Compton", but it is straight outta my workshop!
  • The veg tanned leather is the perfect weight for a leather key chain for life
  • Choose Color:  Natural, Black, Brown
  • Choose Art:  Eazy-E, Tequila Skull, TopHat Skull, Sugar Skull, Shamrock, Punisher Skull, Anvil Logo, Iron Cross, Harley Engine, CrazyBones, 
  • With every Anvil leather keychain purchase, you also get a very valuable Anvil Discount Code for 11% off your next Anvil Website Order  (This can be BIGTIME $avings on your next order and you get (discount code located on promo card that is included with this keychain purchase))

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