Vintage Peat Elephant Mini Bifold w/Persian Wallet Chain

Here’s a dandy one!!  Wicked cool texture of the fine Vintage Peat Elephant, this time in the form of a Mini Bifold!  This particular elephant is soft to the touch, but you know immediately how durable and long lasting it will be once you’ve got it in hand.  This Combo Special includes the 14” Persian Wallet Chain! (Stainless & copper)

Wallet Style:  Mini Bifold (2 card pockets, 1 bill section.  Nice, small Bifold at just 4x3.25”.)

Wallet Chain & Loop: 14” Persian weave, Stainless & copper.  Matching elephant loop is included!

Save some serious coin with this Combo $pecial!

ONLY ONE of these Combos AVAILABLE!  First come, first serve.


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