Mad Jap Kustoms & Afterdark Motorcycles: My Two Canadian Friends

November 27, 2013

Just a quick shoutout to my two Canadian friends who have always befriended ANVIL and taught me (over the years) what it means to be a part of a brotherhood within this motorcycle business industry.  Although I'm no motorcycle builder, like these two mentioned in this post, they have both supported ANVIL with their purchases as well as their kind and gracious words about ANVIL, and I thank them for that.  So, it is with great confidence that I refer all who are reading this blog post to their respective websites to learn more about the each of them.  If you are in Canada and don't know much about them, I assure you hand downs, they are the best at what they do!  Everything they do, they do it with utmost pride!  I believe the final product, and how their respective customer will feel about it.  Please frequent their websites and if you're in their area, frequent their shops!


Mad Jap Kustoms Inc.

Bay 110, 2845 23 Street NE
Calgary, AB 
T2E 7A4


Afterdark Cycles

12845-151 Street


Edmonton, AB


Both Motorcycle Shops mentioned here offer Full Motorcycle Servicing including, but not limited to:

        Oil Changes, 

Full Tire Service, Insurance Repairs, Engine Repairs, General Repairs, Installation of Custom and Aftermarket Parts, LED Light installation


Photo courtesy Chad Murphy


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