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RyanTheAnvil's Limited Lifetime Warranty

Leather Goods Warranty

If you take care of your Anvil Leather Items they'll last a very long time. That being said, if you feel hat you need to exercise your Anvil Leather Goods warranty, here are the instructions:

We offer a limited lifetime warranty on all Anvil leather goods we make. For the lifetime of the leather product we will do everything in our power to repair any damage due material failure or faulty hardware. Depending on the severity of the damage we may deem it necessary for you to replace the product in place of repairing it. In those circumstances you will be notified before we make that decision. If you would prefer to keep the damaged product instead of having it replaced we will return it to you as is. To exercise this warranty we charge a flat non-refundable $20 fee. This fee covers the cost of shipping, handling & materials, but the actual repair is on the house.

All Other Products

Wallet chains, apparel, hardware, and any other products we sell through the online store that are not leather goods are not eligible for the limited lifetime warranty. However, customer service is an important priority for RyanTheAnvil. Should you feel that a product you received was faulty, damaged, or otherwise of a quality that you feel doesn't meet your expectations contact us. We'll do our best to make sure you're happy with your purchase. Maintaining a high quality product is crucial to us and if there are frequent concerns about a specific product we need to know so that we can take the necessary steps to update our catalog.

Additional Policies

Refund Policy

Try as we might to make sure you have a great experience with Anvil Customs, occasionally bad things happen. If you feel that a product you purchased was grossly misrepresented, or inherently flawed you may request an exchange of that product. Please give us a chance to make it right. Once we have received the product we may issue a refund via gift card, store credit or in some cases partial or full charge reversal. In all cases please allow us up to 4 weeks to initiate the refund. Depending on Shopify, and the banks involved an additional wait time may occur before your refund is complete. We reserve the right to refuse a refund if we feel that the purchase complaint is fraudulent or abusive.

Anvil Customs is not liable for lost or stolen packages once shipped. Once a package leaves the shop and is in the hands of the Postal Service we don't have control of that shipment. We're happy to get resend any relevant tracking information.

Some products allow for customer input, such as but not limited to customized lettering on wallets or belts, as well as hand tooled chopper seats. For such products we do not offer refunds or exchanges that are requested as a result of customer actions.Any custom text/imagery will be tooled into the requested product as is received by us. It is the customer’s responsibility to ensure that the text is free from typographic errors, misspellings, or other flaws. We reserve the right to refuse custom orders that contain profanity, racial slurs, or otherwise offensive language/imagery.

Custom Order Policy

Occasionally we take exceptionally unique orders (usually only 1-2 a year). These projects are not cheap. Time, materials, and a whole lot of effort is involved. If you have RyanTheAnvil in mind for a superior leather project don’t be afraid to contact us. Our apologies if it doesn’t fit in our calendar, but if we can make it happen… we look forward to working with you!

Other Repair Policy

We only repair products that have been crafted by us. Sorry, we’re far too busy to repair leather goods we didn’t originally craft. That being said, it never hurts to ask. We have a lot of friends in the industry and we might be able to point you to someone who can get the job done.

Limited Distribution Partner Policy

Interested in selling RyanTheAnvil Premium Leather Goods in your store or market? Contact us. We offer exclusive pricing for large orders. We firmly believe everyone should carry an Anvil Wallet, and if you think you can help us make that into a reality we’d love to hear your thoughts.

For Inquiries, Questions, Comments please send an email to


For Returns send to:


134 Park Central West

Unit #110

Springfield, MO 65806

Please send a physical note with your return describing your situation and contact information. 

I cannot stress enough how important it is that you send a note. It takes 5 seconds to do, so do it. If I have to dig through the dozens and dozens of messages I get on a daily basis to find the one you sent that takes a lot of my time. If you send a note with the return I don't have to dig your information up... I can simply resolve your situation and get your product back to you asap.