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January 27, 2020 3 min read

People frequently have similar questions about taking care of their new leather wallet from Anvil Customs. One of the cool things about pretty much any leather is how easy it is to maintain. It's probably why throughout history it has persisted in being one of the best materials to craft with. We offer a limited lifetime warranty on our leather products in the event there's a snap that breaks or a torn stitch because those types of things aren't 100% avoidable and do require some special skill/equipment to repair. Between our warranty and a couple of really simple best practices your prized Anvil Leather Goods are sure to stay in tip-top shape!


The Sun is an enormous, violent ball of gas that is not your wallet's friend! Leather, just like your personal skin, is quickly damaged by ultraviolet rays. But while your skin may heal... your poor wallet will not. When it’s not in use, always store your highly coveted Anvil item in a cool, dry location, away from direct sunlight.

Maybe you let your dog chew on rawhide treats? Keep your Anvil Leather goods away from your canine companions if you know what's smart. On more than one occasion we've heard horror stories of pups gnawing leather goods to smithereens.

Like the rules of the Mogwi, don't get your wallet wet. It won't birth a batch of evil Gremlins, but it will stain, mildew and all around grossify your wallet. I'll reiterate the same advice I gave for the Sun section... keep your wallet in a cool DRY place when it isn't in your pocket.


Does your Anvil Leather item feel too dry or is it cracking? General surface wear is expected with regular use but in some cases it may need a little extra love. Typically the oils from your hands are enough to keep your wallet conditioned properly, but sometimes it may be necessary to use some leather conditioner. Be warned however, over-saturating leather with conditioner via using too much or conditioning too frequently will lead to leather fiber breakdown and will cause decay of the item. We sell RyanTheAnvil Leather Conditioner for intermittent use. Conditioning at most a couple times a year ought to do the trick.

“Oh No, a Snap Busted!” ...No worries, it can happen. Anvil Leather items are made with substantial hides which can be tough on hardware, that’s ok, RyanTheAnvil is here to take good care of you. Send it in for full inspection, repair & polish.

“Oh No, my Snap is Sticky!” No worries, this happens too. Being metal, the interior of the snap can slightly corrode and cause it to stick. We use a liquid ‘atom wax’ to lube the snap, but another good remedy you can perform at home is to use a cheap birthday candle or crayon. Simply scrub the snap interior points of contact, and voila, no more stick.

On Mink Oils and other leather weather-proofing substances - just don't. Work boots/shoes might need these substances because they're subject to the environment on a regular basis. Your wallet, while capable of handling an enormous amount of abuse, isn't being drug through the elements on daily basis. All those products are going to do is destroy the finish of your item and probably make it smell weird. Well... more weird. 

Exercising The Warranty

If you find yourself at your wits end and cannot seem to remedy your Anvil Leather item dilemma, simply send it in to exercise your Anvil Limited Lifetime Warranty. Be sure to include a note with your Name, Return Address, and reason for return. If you don't tell us what's wrong or who you are we can't really do anything but wait for you to contact us with that info. We also kindly ask that you send $15 to cover the cost of materials as well as return shipping. Outside of that small fee, the labor cost of the repair is on the house.