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Anvil Rewards Program

The Anvil Rewards Program is a great way to get the absolute most out of your experience at Anvil Customs.

 You can access the Anvil Rewards Program Panel at anytime while browsing You'll find the red button floating in the bottom left of the webpage as you browse.

Once you've created a store account you can begin accumulating points! You'll even earn a few for signing up! Just be sure you're logged into your store account before you make a purchase. There are many ways to earn points, and a few common ways are detailed below. But be sure to check the panel regularly to see if there are any new ways to earn points.

Purchasing something from is the most common way users will earn points. Typically you'll earn 1 point per US Dollar spent. However we occasionally run promotions for bonus points on purchases. Additionally certain VIP Perks will grant a user bonus points available to them at all times!

Sharing through the Anvil Rewards Panel will also grant you a one-time bonus to your points total.


Hey we'll even give you some points on your birthday! Keep in mind that this reward can only sent once a year... don't try to game the system by changing your birth date willy-nilly, it won't work you cheater cheater pumpkin eater. ;P

Sharing your referral link with customers is easily the most efficient way to get points. Your friend will also get a hefty discount on their purchase as an incentive for following through. Once they make a purchase with your link you'll gain a bucket full of points. You can find your unique referral link in the Anvil Rewards Panel. Share it often!

Once you've accumulated points it's time to redeem them! Points can be redeemed for cash value discounts on your purchases. The discounts come in the form of discount codes that you can enter in during checkout. Remember though, only one discount code can be redeemed per purchase. So if we're having a promotion you won't be able to use both your Anvil Rewards code and the Promotional Code for the same purchase.

As a passive bonus a running tally of total points earned is kept on your store account. Regardless of how you redeem those points for discount codes you'll also be working towards your VIP Tier. There are currently three tiers, each with unique bonuses tied to them. Things like Free merchandise, free shipping coupons, and most importantly bonus Anvil Rewards Points on purchases are just some of the potential rewards available to you as you move up in VIP rank. Again, the Anvil Rewards Panel lists all the perks available to you at your current VIP Tier. Keep your eyes open and check that panel regularly to see what cool stuff could be yours!

So what are you waiting for!? Click the Anvil Rewards Button to begin exploring the absolute best way to get the most bang for your buck!