March 23, 2017

Anvil Rewards Loyalty Program

Hey All!

You might have noticed some subtle changes to the website as of late. We've been working hard behind the scenes to make the shop easier to navigate. You'll see that the Main Navigation Bar at the top of the page when you're on desktop now has direct links to our Collections. Additionally, if you're on Mobile, you can quickly access the Collections by clicking the Menu button in the top left of your browser. Hopefully this easy access helps you more quickly get to the products you're wanting to see!

Now, on to the bigger change. Anvil has begun offering a Loyalty Program! Now every purchase you make at will grant you points you can use to get cash off your next order! You have to sign up in order to get access to the points but that couldn't be easier. Just create an account and you're good to go. You'll get 200 points just to create an account, and you'll have the opportunity to share and follow Anvil Customs for even more easy points. The rewards are pretty substantial, you can get a discount up to $125 depending on how many points you've racked up, and we'll probably do special promotions for bonus points and extra rewards as we get comfortable using the program. So go! Sign Up for an Account and start earning free stuff!

March 09, 2017

Anvil's Field Trip to Springfield Leather Company

Recently I tagged along with RyanTheAnvil as he did some shopping from Springfield Leather Company. Let me be the first to tell you that store is jam packed with cool stuff. Its one of the places we source our product leather from. As a resource, its an invaluable to have so close to home. Additionally they sell all sorts of nifty things that are made in house and by other Leather Craftsman. But frankly, the sheer volume and variety of leather hides they have are just absurd. It's difficult not to become a kid in a candy shop when you walk through the store. Hundreds of little nooks with awesome stuff are scattered about the place. So if you're a budding leather craft hobbyist, an experienced leather craftsman, or just touring Springfield and need a cool place to check out, we can't recommend SLC enough.

You can follow them on Facebook here too! 

March 02, 2017

Anvil Original Hoodies at Half Price, Also Exotic Keychains out the Wazoo!

Uhhh, Short Blog this week. I feel like the title pretty much says it all. Spring is just around the corner and we have just a hand full of Hoodies left that're taking up room in the shop. We've dropped them down 50% to the first few people that want them. Seriously Limited quantities left though, so don't hesitate.

Also, if you haven't noticed the Key Chains / Fobs Selection has been beefed up pretty significantly. We've got some great prices on exotic leather fobs and loops over there. Go pick out something cool for under $20 bucks.

Don't forget that this Friday is First Friday Artwalk here in Springfield. If you're a local and looking for something to do Ryan, Mike, and I will be down here. We've got some pretty great deals for people who visit the shop in person. Other than that, have a great weekend friends.

February 27, 2017

Anvil Keychains for Clubs.

It's a beautiful day here in Springfield, Missouri. That's got us thinking at the shop about riding season... It's almost here. So you're getting everything together, maybe calling the guys (or gals) and getting the motorcycle club organized for your first big ride of the year right? Wouldn't it be nice to get something for everyone to celebrate? We often get requests to do custom runs of certain products that Anvil offers. With that being said, the keychain has always been a solid choice for clubs and organizations of all sorts. If you're looking for an affordable, thoughtful gift for everyone in your crew consider a customized keychain. Names, initials, or nicknames can be embossed on a collection of fobs. We offer a large selection of leather types and colors (club colors perhaps?) If you're interested in pricing or design options feel free to drop a line to We'll be happy to set you up.
February 13, 2017

Anvil Tools Series: Weaver "EZ Edge" Strap Edger

Next on our list of featured tools we use around the shop is the Economy Hand-Operated Bluegrass "EZ Edge" Strap Edger. This beauty is designed to put an even edge on leather straps of various widths. We use a two-sided version in the shop, but they also offer a four-sided version as well. The business end of the edger has two machined cylinders that have six evenly spaced razor sharp holes cut into the side. Each of the holes is numbered so that you can keep track of the wear of the blades evenly. Once both "1" holes are dull, you can rotate each blade to cut with the "2" holes. This ensures that each side of the strap is edged symmetrically and consistently. Once the blades are adjusted to the appropriate width, one end of the strap is placed between the blades and manually pulled through.

Primarily we use the edger when we make belts... and we make a ton of belts. You're sure to get your shoulder workout by using this machine. And that's about it. Many of the tools are elegant in their simplicity which seems to be a running theme with this series of posts.

February 02, 2017

Super Bowl LI!

Get Stoked! Get Pumped! Booyakasha, it Supah Bowl Weekend! I dunno what your plans are for this weekend but I plan on having a grand ol' time. The Pats versus the Falcons ought to be a great game. And Hey, even if it's not what's wrong with watching a crap game with your best friends right? Maybe we'll see the Patriots redeem themselves after the whole "Deflategate" fiasco. I think Atlanta has a solid chance though too, so we'll see. Its been a great season for the NFL - seriously. ALSO... Have you seen the prop bets for this year's game? There are some gems! Now with all that being said go out, enjoy yourselves and have a great weekend.
January 26, 2017

Welcome To: Design Phase

I'll try to avoid saying that like it's a quote from Thunder Dome in my head over and over. 

We pretty much try all of the suggestions our fans come up with or request at least to the prototype phase. Currently we're developing an IPad  case which is nearing completion. They'll be on the shop soon so keep your eyes open. Other requests are in earlier stages of development? We have a concept phase that usually gets rolled around in Ryan's head for a few months. We take our time to make sure that every aspect of a design is feasible for development. We have to consider both the type of leather and the cost of the final product to us and the consumer. Some products end up being too complicated to follow through with. They end up going back to the drawing board.

Once we've decided that a product is viable we enter the prototype phase. Each product goes through several stages of revision until we come up with a final design. Our high quality leather takes awhile to break in, so we also want to consider how the product will age. We check stress points and see if we need to reinforce any sections that require stitching or hardware.

Ultimately we end up with a final product that we're proud to call an Anvil Custom. Our dedication to quality is of the upmost priority. 

January 19, 2017

Available Soon, Heavy Duty and Stylish Leather Strap Shelving.

Leather strap shelves

 I have to say, Ryan did a fine job setting up new shelves in the shop. They have classy, rustic sort of look to them that I think people will enjoy. The shelf itself is made from a high quality 36" wide Walnut plank. It's suspended by two super heavy-duty leather straps mounted to the wall. We're always coming up with clever uses for leather (of which there is a nigh endless supply), and we'll be offering these shelves for purchase on the site very soon. If you're interested in picking up a few  keep your eyes open. We'll likely feature them on the site, and on social media as well.


January 12, 2017

Anvil Tools Series: Weaver Hand Forged Punch

Weaver master tools

To continue our series on the tools used by the master craftsmen here at Anvil we'll be focusing on this absolutely stunning collection of hand forged punches crafted by Weaver Leather Supply. Weaver Leather Supply offers a premium collection of leather tools and accessories. Seriously, if you're looking for anything related to leather work they've probably got it. These excellent leather punches are perfect for knocking the ends off of belts, and punching slots on buckle turn backs. Each one of these is hand forged right here in America. The quality of the edge, the weight - I mean everything about these simple punches is beautifully elegant. We here at Anvil appreciate the craftsmanship in all of our tools, but these are truly special.

January 05, 2017

Snow Day!








Huzzah! It's a snow day! I'm chilling at my house having a black cup of coffee while Ryan and Mike slave away at the shop. So, what's going on? Well let's see. We want to make sure we get 2017 off on the right foot. We're building orders for all you lovely people who decided to shop after Christmas, and there were plenty of you! Also, you might have seen a promotion for snagging a new Anvil Belt pop up on social media or in your inbox.

If you're not following on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or Pinterest make sure you check it out. We regularly cause mayhem and show off some of the totally rad leather projects we're working on.

Additionally(and I can't stress this enough!) Make sure you're signed up for the Anvil newsletter. In it we regularly feature cool new products and offer special promotions just for subscribers. 

Otherwise, that's about it. Keep your eyes open for some cool new products in 2017. We listen to what you guys ask for on the reg so if you have ideas shout at us on the internet. Cheers!

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