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December 13, 2021 2 min read

Anvil Customs has prided itself for many years on providing the type of leather goods that last generations. It's an easy sell. Leather is tough, seldom breaks (especially the stuff we use) and when it does break it is usually pretty easy to fix. The metal hardware on wallets is actually the weakest point. But again, to reset a new snap in a wallet is a very simple issue and it literally takes seconds to do. So we don't have any issues whatsoever offering a lifetime warranty on our leather goods. Maybe you've read about it over on the warranty page?

What you may not realize is that Anvil wallets are actually the type of leather product that's good for the environment! You see cheap thin leather very frequently ends up where else but in the trash. Now it makes good honest sense that if you're going to consume an animal you damn well better make good use of the whole beast. Its respectful of life and nature and ultimately makes good practical sense too. Waste not want not as they say. So by A) Making a high quality product that we know will last, and B) repairing those products when they need it, we're actually offering the most sustainable version of a leather product that any company can claim to offer. Anvil Goods are expensive but they're also quality and they don't end up in the trash. 

So if you're looking for a feel good reason to spend money on yourself there you have it. Every industry has a duty to limit waste (and it makes good fiscal sense too) but when you do things the way Anvil does things you can be confident there's as little waste as possible.