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Social-Schmocial: I’ll Post Here

January 10, 2022 1 min read

It dawned on me today that I very much neglect this Blog that I’ve now owned for nearly 12 years. I dunno, maybe I think it’s too old school, blogging, but then today I’m at my daughter’s basketball practice and so here we are.  I’m going to post here more often on top of those other social media platforms that I’ve formed such a habit using. 
I played basketball since 2nd grade.  We were the “Rough Riders” and no one & I mean NO ONE could touch us.  Too smooth to groove, yet groove is what we did.  Always breaking our opponent’s spirit & clocking W’s every Saturday.  But I digress, you see, it’s Chandler’s turn to run the courts here in Springfield, MO.  It’s her turn to call next, to juke the jokers, to “Trey-Ball-That’s-All !!” 
Watching her learn fundamental basketball skills is much more enjoyable than being home right now watching the NCAA Football Championship…..& I mean that. Lol

Much love, RTA

Basketball practice