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January 12, 2022 3 min read

We've done a couple of these so far but in 2022 I think we'll be doing a lot more. So lets talk about what a Group Buy is, how you get in on one and what will be available.

Okay presumably you understand that most of the leather products on this website are made after you purchase them. That goes for all of the standard cowhide options and a handful of the exotic leather items as well. But we offer a ton and I mean a ton of different products and many of those items are limited by what we can get our hands on as far as materials. In many cases I can only make one or two of something using an exotic leather but in some cases I have the ability to make a small batch of something. Perhaps its a set of wallets out of a special color of alligator hide or a batch of elephant leather belts, but whatever it is I can make more than a unique item but less than it makes sense to create a product listing with inventory and such on the website. In those cases we'll do what I call a "Group Buy" where I offer a specific number of items available for pre-order over on the Anvil Leather Crew Facebook page. Folks can opt-in and I'll send them an invoice via PayPal for their pre-order. Once I have my target number of sales claimed I'll finish out the small batch of products and ship them out to those people who got in on the Group Buy. My target number of sales is always fairly low so you don't have to worry about that goal not being met. I'll always be able to make that minimum number of those products to make it worth it on my end to pick up these unique hides.

This is a particularly handy way for me to sell items because I know how much demand there is for a given material/product. When you make such a huge variety of items like we do here (remember this isn't a commercial outfit we're just a small business of 3 guys) time is a luxury. It's a great way for us to know exactly what to spend our time building. It's also neat for members of the Crew because it gives them an exclusive chance to get a product that never makes it to the general public. They know that they're getting access to something pretty cool that they wouldn't normally see simply for staying engaged with Anvil Customs online.

Recently, we finished up a run of only six Sand Elephant hide belts. Only six were made because it is rare for us to get a chunk of elephant long enough to make belts out of (short of stitching together pieces.) Effectively only six people on the planet that will have these belts to wear... and that's pretty doggone neat I think. We'll be doing a bunch more of these this year on a regular basis over on the Crew.

So chalk that up to one more reason to head on over to the Anvil Customs Leather Crew Facebook Group and join. In addition to the Group Buys we also post daily auctions for people to bid on. If you're into the auction thing, its a great way to get your hands on some pretty rad Anvil Customs products on the cheap.