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Sizing yourself for a belt or cuff can be simple. Here is some guidance on sizing yourself for various products at Anvil Customs. 


Don't overthink it. We use your pants waist size (in mens' sizes) to determine how big to make your belt. Now we understand that every pants size is a little different, but don't sweat it. Our Belts have 7 adjustment holes to account for 7 inches of size variance. So, if you're purchasing a belt simply select your pant's waist size from the drop down menu, and we'll take it from there. If, in the future, you find yourself having lost weight we're happy to size your belt down for you.


We use the circumference of your wrist to size the interior circumference of your bracelet or cuff. If you don't have a tailor's measuring tape, wrap a string, dollar bill, or any other slim flexible material around your wrist. Make sure the material is comfortable, and not cutting off circulation or not so loose that it slides over the width of your hand. Mark the spot where the ends meet. Lay the material out in a straight line. Using a ruler, measure the distance from the end of the material to the mark you made. Products will include an "Inner Circumference" measurement. Use your wrist circumference to determine if a cuff will fit. We recommend adding at least an inch to your wrist circumference measurement. This should provide a comfortable amount of space for the bracelet or cuff to sit on your wrist. 

Weight Lifting Belts:

Measure the circumference of your waist to the nearest inch where the belt will be worn (not your pants size) with clothes on. The belt will be tailored to its center adjustment holes according to the circumference picked. The Belt features an 8" total adjustable size (1" Increments) from minimum to maximum size.