About Anvil Customs

Anvil Customs was founded in 2004 here in Springfield, MO.  Anvil is proud to be a small American business supporting the desires of those who need quality.  I believe if I put forth my very best work in every order I receive, I can supply my customers with the greatest, most original leather product available in our GREAT COUNTRY of the USA!  Anvil is special, no doubt.  It's been described as a "jewel hidden in the hills of the Ozarks".....for those who find it, are greatly rewarded. Read more about our story and how Anvil Customs came to be.



At ANVIL, I pride myself not only on my over-engineered designs, but also on the fact that I use the greatest quality thread, rivets and leathers I can find. All of my leather wallets, belts and accessories are fully warranted against all defects in materials and workmanship.  In fact, I offer a LIMITED LIFETIME Warranty against manufacturer defects, such as (but not limited to) a busted snap, metal chain attachment & broken stitching.  There is not much that can happen to these tough wallets, belts, and bags (and other ANVIL products).  ANVIL products are made to last a long time, but the warranty does not cover misuse or abuse such as the following (please see the humor as well as the pertinents of the following):

  1. Jumping into a lake, thus water damaging the leather (water damage)
  2. Target practice using your Anvil product, thus blowing a hole through it (punctured by object)
  3. Starting a forest fire using your Anvil product as kindling (material destroyed by outside source)
  4. Wrestling alligators, thus creasing the leather from Gator chomp (material torn by outside source)
  5. And anything else that lacks common sense that would cause undue wear

Should you feel that your ANVIL Product qualifies for the above mentioned warranty, please email me with the description of the problem as well as pictures to show details.  If the problem derived from manufacturer's error, you can then send the product back to me for repair or replacement (please include $15 cash for return shipping back to you!) (Repairs generally can be completed and shipped within 24-48 hours!)


If the product you purchase is grossly misrepresented in any way, you are entitled to receive a full refund (less shipping) upon the returning of the product.  (grossly misrepresented means you received the wrong product in this case.) (see Return Policy below)

Privacy Policy

Contact information including email address, telephone number, address, etc. which is provided by the user is used solely for the purpose of completing the order. This includes information pertaining to gift recipients. Financial information including credit card numbers, expiration dates, billing address is used solely to bill the customer for their order. 

Return Policy

Unless item received was grossly misrepresented, no returns are accepted.  Every single item on the Anvil website is built by hand at the time that it's ordered.  Anvil is a tiny craft leather shop and there are way too many combinations of colors, liners, arts, styles, sizes, etc to be able to stock an inventory.  Please study pictures and read the descriptions for all general specs, then make your decision to either own or not own the very best in custom leather.  Anvil Leather offers unique designs that can last a lifetime if taken care of.   

Lead Time (aka, Turn Around Time)

Due to overwhelming demand for Anvil Customs Leather product, please allow 4-6 weeks for delivery.  All Anvil products are produced by hand at the time of your order.  Please do not expect a shipment notification immediately after you order as you will not receive any.  Once the product you ordered is completed, a shipping label will be generated and your order will be shipped. (in rare cases that work load is heavier than usual, lead time may increase.  4-6 weeks is only an estimate.  In some cases, Anvil may be able to ship within the very first week, but please don't plan on that, these rad items are MADE BY HAND and Anvil cuts NO corners!!!  

Christmas Orders (& other holidays)

I am happy to be a source for the gift giving season of Christmas.  I have nearly every wife & girlfriend calling me from mid-October thru late Christmas Eve, believe it or not, for that 'perfect gift' for their husband or boyfriend.  However, because I am just one person building my products by hand, I am only able to guarantee delivery by December 24th as long as the order is placed by December 10th.  Any order placed after Dec. 10th will not be guaranteed for delivery by December 24th, however I will try my best.  Please consider that once you place an order, I get started on your order right away and the order cannot be cancelled.  I try to build a stock of products prior to this season which helps, but doesn't nearly cover every order I will get.  (this goes for any other holiday that you may intend on purchasing an Anvil product as a gift for someone.  Please simply TRY to order at least 1 month ahead of time, this helps greatly.)

All ANVIL Website Content is COPYRIGHTED

All pictures & content of custom motorcycle seats, biker wallets, whisky bottle holsters, gun holsters, leather belts, custom leather wallets including bifold, trifold and trucker styles, leather chopper seats including solo seats, chopper sidebags including toolbags and saddlebags, mens wallets,  wallet chains, anything handtooled by me and any clearance items are property of ANVIL and cannot be copied without written consent.

-All Rights Reserved-  Anvil Customs LLC 2013

Things to consider before placing an order

I am passionate about leatherwork.  I also strive to satisfy my customers.  With that said, leatherwork is also a creative outlet for me.  I often find myself feeling greatly rewarded and satisfied with many of the projects/jobs commissioned by my customers.  Therefore, wherever and whenever possible, should I see an area that I think would benefit the product, item, project, whatever it is I am working on, I will do it....and I'll do it solely at my discretion.  This could be a matter of structural integrity of a product OR, and in most cases, could be a matter of aesthetics.  This means, I will always use my creative freedom to bring you the most cutting edge, best possible product available in this market.  It might mean the addition or subtraction of colors, design work such as tooling, the way the product is constructed, etc.  These are things that I MAY not discuss with you via email or over the phone, mainly because I will be creating MY products, MY way.  I would never want any customer to think their opinion is not valued, because it certainly is, but I would just want you to know, before you order anything from me, that I will be building everything that leaves my shop, my way.....the way I like to build it....that way I think is best.....this always works out best for everyone involved.


On occasion, Anvil will run a Sale and/or Special pricing on a particular product or even entire website.  There will be no refunds/exchanges/returns/cancelled orders for the reason of reordering at a discounted rate.  Sales are sporadic & non-advertised.  Once an order is placed, the work begins.  Due to each Anvil product being handmade at time of order, all sales are final.  Thank you for understanding.