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December 01, 2021 1 min read

As you may or may not know many of the items available on the website are made at the time of purchase. This is particularly true for our basic Cowhide Offerings and all Wallet Chains. This means that we have a lead/production time where we craft these items before they're put in a package and shipped out to you. Additionally, the post office has had some notable delays thanks to the sheer volume of packages being shipped this year alongside some lingering pandemic woes. Ultimately what that means for Anvil Customs this holiday season is that Dec 1st is our guaranteed holiday shipping deadline. For those who absolutely want to be sure your package gets to you in time to put it under the Christmas tree you should place your order. Now it is completely likely that we will be able to craft and ship orders after this deadline and in most cases they will still arrive before Christmas, but because of the Postage delays I can't reasonably guarantee that to be the case in all scenarios.

If you're looking to have something shipped with the least possible delay I recommend checking out the "Ready To Ship" collection. Items in this collection are finished and ready to simply put into a package and send your way. 

For more information about Holiday Shipping with the USPS visit their post here.