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November 17, 2021 3 min read

Over the course of the last few years we've been completely revamping a handful of our wallet interiors. It can be a little scary to purchase a wallet without having the opportunity to get your hands on them, but I'll do whatever it takes to exemplify that these wallets are the best quality you can find. I thought I'd take a moment to take a look at each style for both old customers and new ones who might want to know more about the product.

Gen 3 Long Biker Leather Chain Wallet Specs

This style is the most popular design among anvil customers. 2 big bill sections, 4 card slots, a solid brass machined chain attachment and plenty of surface area to show off your favorite leather... what more could you ask for really?

Mini Long Leather Chain Wallet Specs

The rising star as far as Anvil wallet designs go in terms of audience satisfaction, the "mini long" leather chain wallet has 2 pairs of stacked card slots (for a total of 4) and 1 oversized bill section that works well no matter what nationality denomination you carry on the regular.

Bifold Leather Chain Wallet Specs

The 3rd generation standard bifold is as straightforward of a design as it gets. The new iteration of the interior features a full size bill section and 2 sturdy card slots. A previous version featured an ID window (which we can still do on request) just wasn't used as much as we anticipated. So after some customer feedback we simply swapped it out for a more traditional card pocket.

Mini Bifold Leather Chain Wallet Specs

The Mini Bifold Chain Wallet is simply the mini me version of our gen 3 standard bifold. It's got all the same pockets albeit in a more slim package. And I mean hey, it's got a lil' window so you can see the face of your favorite Presidents on that stack of cash you keep in there right?

Trucker Trifold Leather Chain Wallet Specs

The trucker trifold definitely has a cult following. It's certainly the most spacious and decadent style of wallet we build. 7 traditional card pockets plus an ID window, 2 oversized bill sections and a half pocket on the inside flap make absolutely the most out of all the real estate this behemoth takes up. Surprisingly this wallet will still fit in most pockets, and once broken in are deceptively comfortable. I understand it may not be everyone's bag... but for the folks who appreciate a big wallet it doesn't get any better than this.

Trifold Leather Chain Wallet Specs

The Standard Trifold has seen the most dramatic improvements in interior space in the recent year. The previous design was effective, but a bit unruly to build on a regular basis. We took some cues from our Mini Long interior revamp and turned it into a beautiful trifold with 2 pairs of stacked card slots plus an ID window and an additional pocket behind that make for a total of 6 card pockets. Throw in a big boy bill section and you have yourself a neatly tidy wallet design.

Gen 4 Long Biker Leather Chain Wallet Specs

Functionally the gen 4 long biker chain wallet satisfies all of the same needs as the gen 3 with just a little more space. The main draw for this wallet is the super sturdy (and classy) signature chain attachment. If you're the type of person that is tough on chain attachments... this style is probably a good investment for you. 

Gen 4 Standard Bifold Chain Wallet Specs

The gen 4 bifold leather chain wallet has the same draw as the gen 4 long biker wallet in the way of a very secure chain attachment. It features a full size bill section and 2 sturdy card slots similar to the gen 3 design. Size wise it's just a hair larger than the mini bifold and just a hair smaller than the gen 3 standard bifold.