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October 18, 2021 2 min read

I hesitate to call lambskin an exotic leather as its used all over the world for a great many of things. However in terms of leathers we use here at Anvil Customs it certainly is more uncommon. You see these hides traditionally are quite thin and if you know anything about the hides we like to use around here you'll know that we generally prefer the thicker hides. But that isn't necessarily always the case.

The Lambskin we have access to currently falls in line with some of the other actual exotic hides we've worked with in recent memory and the finish and feel of the hide is frankly too good to not work with. We've spent an enormous amount of time calibrating the combinations of leather thickness used on the various sections of each wallet design. In the past we would occasionally make a wallet that was perhaps too thick and stiff or thin and floppy. Those wallets would effectively be auctioned off to crew members because they didn't meet our standards. BUT over the last two years I'd say we've really nailed down the perfect combination of hide thicknesses to craft a great wallet.

So on to this lambskin proper. It's a little thin, something adjacent to a bag side. You could make a coat from it but we aren't about to go down that rabbit hole. We back it with a healthy section of cowhide so that it has the meatiness that we want for a great wallet. 

It has a distressed brown finish we're calling "Fallout" which isn't intended to be a direct reference to the videogame published by Bethesda but you know hey if folks want to associate the two I wouldn't say its far off. Effectively this hide looks like its really been run through the ringer. But all of that is intentional and looks pretty awesome frankly. 

There's a sort-of velvety texture on the surface of the hide that that feels pretty nice in the hands especially once its backed by durable cowhide. The supple nature of the hide means that its one that will break in supremely nicely. And if you're a person who gets things fairly dirty you'll only be adding to the rough and rugged visuals of this hide.

There's enough of the stuff to make a little bit of everything we offer here at Anvil Customs, such that we did pretty much just that. You can find the whole variety of wallet styles in this hide over in our Fallout Lambskin Collection.