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September 20, 2021 1 min read

We've been prototyping a new mini bifold interior for most of the summer. Some folks have their hands on these tests and the feedback has been very positive.

If you've seen the current generation of Mini Bifold wallets you'll know that it features a card slot, and then a type of flap that serves as a divider into the bill section. That flap allows that design to open fully, as it slides loosely across the bill section. This new design does away with the floating flap in favor of adding a stitched full card slot on the opposite edge.

Getting rid of that floating flap and stitching a full set of pockets on the interior strengthens the durability of the overall design for long term success. It also inherently give folks access to an additional card slot which most people see as a great addition. 

The interior is cut slightly smaller than the exterior to create a bill section that actually opens itself when you fold the wallet open to its maximum point. It also features a neat little window so you can show off your favorite president/royal/leader when you're wallet is open.

We'll be updating the Mini Bifold product listings in the coming days. In the mean time if you'd like to get your hands on a black or brown cowhide mini-bifold with the new interiors be sure to contact me. I'll have to make a few for photos on the product listing so we'll have some in stock and ready to ship.