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May 09, 2022 2 min read

When we set out last year to begin on developing our own hardware it wasn't necessarily with anything in mind other than the thought that it sure would be cool to do. Now the pandemic is winding down for us in the States but all across the globe logistics are now having a hard time keeping up with demand. That means that supply chains are being squeezed and many folks are having a hard time getting even the simple day to day things they need for production. We have been fairly lucky on that front, with our leather suppliers only having minor disruptions in service. The same isn't necessarily true for some of our smaller hardware. Many of these small metal pieces are produced overseas and they are literally the world's only producers of some goods. Again, we didn't have any of that possibility in mind when we started making hardware... we just kinda wanted to do it. But I can assure you that we sure are glad we made that decision. The ability to craft any pieces we can't necessarily get our hands on in a hurry is a pretty dang handy deal. 

All of that brings us to our next big silver project. This buckle is called a "heel bar" belt buckle. The 3D model you see here is similar to the basic buckle we offer on most belts. This model was designed in house and features a slightly more flanged end. The white cylinders you see coming off of the object are sprues. This model gets 3d Printed in wax and then cast in silver or bronze by Ryan in his metal studio. We can print and cast several of these unique pieces within a few days, which is frankly pretty incredible. This piece is more elaborate than some others we've done, and we always know that if it comes down to some supply chain issues we can always just make our own parts. Now these things will never be able to replace something like snap studs that we need thousands of for wallet construction, but it sure does save us some headaches. In the future we should be able to offer some truly awesome completely custom metal pieces to compliment your Anvil gear. So stay tuned and keep your eyes on our social media... lots of very cool things in the pipeline.