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March 08, 2022 2 min read

When we get a new hide or hides in I typically shout them out on social media first. Then I'll get a handful of custom orders from followers. After that the hide goes into production mode where we make a handful of wallets out of whatever hide is left, always trying to make the most product out of the hide we can manage.

There are some times though where instead of doing a preview with custom orders for a certain hide, that we go ahead and make "1 of everything" in a small batch. These wallets are all thematically similar, featuring the same hides, hardware, and accents. That way when a person feels like they like the vibe of a piece but the style isn't necessarily their bag, there's a good chance there will be another style that they enjoy. These small batches are crafted all at once, and usually go up on the website for sale all within 24 hours of each other.

This process gives us a chance to bolster the inventory on the website and allows us to move more quickly during production. Generally, we only do this with themes that we feel confident about moving, because the last thing we want in inventory sitting on a shelf in the back. These pieces are always made to the level of precision you've probably come to expect from Anvil Customs. Unless this is your first order, in which case you can look and ask around. This shop has an earned reputation that, although on the higher end of craftsman made merchandise, is worth every penny. 

Currently we've go two batch runs available of python hide, with a third on the horizon. The Vintage Black Python with Orange Stitch is already partially sold out, and the newly added Silver Python is some of the most durable python we've ever had. Coming down the line soon, we'll have a run of Orange and Blue Python wallets that I'm certain many folks will love. 

These small batches are a great way to see the whole gamut of wallet styles available at Anvil Customs. And if you see a theme that you want your own custom wallet crafted to match well we can do that too. Ultimately we want to ensure that you end up with a unique piece in your pocket that you'll love and that will last the long road.