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October 07, 2022 2 min read

Whenever I tell people, mainly my friends or family members, about both my employees resigning from ANVIL in 2022 to pave their own path, I usually hear a gasp or shock, followed up with the question, "How are you going to continue doing all that work?" -- I quickly lean in and interrupt them by replying, "It's easier for me to focus on my work when I have the Shop to myself."  -- In fact, my Best Work is accomplished when I have no distractions, no interruptions and no one else to manage.  Easy to understand, right?  But that doesn't mean I knew everything would remain the same or better revenue wise, so with 3 months alone in the Shop under my belt, I can confidently tell you 3 things:

1). I never knew I could build so many wallets/belts in a single day when I'm left alone to do the work I LOVE to do

2). New ideas for creating new items Continue to pop into my head and then onto the workbench, with GREAT success, I'll add

3). Speaking of new ideas, I shifted gears a bit and added "DAILY ANVIL AUCTIONS" to my everyday practice here in the Shop.  This has been a magnificent way to offer Fresh New Gear & allow my Customer Base to decide the price (what they're will to pay for said work).  I must say, Daily Auctions have become a staple of Anvil Customs 100% -- My favorite part is the communications between the Clients (bidders) and Myself. 

Do yourself a favor and visit the Anvil Crew Group on Facebook each morning to see that weekday's unique line up of Auctions!  It's totally fun and one great way to get your hands on some very limited, often ONE OFF Anvil Gear made by Yours Truly.


Thank you so much for reading this email, IF YOU DID, PLEASE reply now and let me know that you read the entire email.....most times I never know if people do! LOL, much love, RTA