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February 18, 2020 2 min read

A couple years ago we decided to create a place where our most die-hard fans of the Anvil Customs brand can come together. We could never have imagined the incredible support we've encountered from the Crew, and we're incredibly thankful for their continued dedication to our little business.

The Facebook group gives us a place to communicate with our most loyal customers. We're always looking for ways to provide folks with the best leather goods we can produce, and having a trusted group of people we can listen to is absolutely crucial to our shop. Engaging with R.T.Anvil on any of the social media platforms is always welcome. But we definitely heed what the Anvil Crew have to say with a little more gravity. In turn, we frequently offer members access to unique items that are auctioned off regularly, and allow folks to buy/sell/trade their goods with a little oversight. This creates a safe moderated space where folks don't have to worry about knock-offs and the like. 

The Crew page is also a great place to share photos of your recent purchases out in the wild. It's always great for us to see how people are breaking in their leather goods. We build our products to last a lifetime and some people truly put that to the test. It's always great to see the wear and tear the working people put their wallets and belts through. It's also great to see the style and show of some of our nicer pieces actually being put to good use. Sometimes people forget that we really only get to know these pieces as they are when they're brand new. When folks share photos of their Anvil Gear with that worn in character we get all giddy. It's like seeing your kid all grown up. Practically brings a tear to our eyes hahaha. 

All of that to say we are truly humbled and grateful for all of our fans. Everyone in the crew are real swell to us at Anvil and we just wanted to say thanks to all those folks who make sure coming into the shop everyday is a real treat.