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February 20, 2020 3 min read

You may have noticed that almost exclusively we make chain wallets here at Anvil Customs. We are foremost a leather shop. That being said we do put out some incredibly nice wallet chains to pair with those wallets as well. I thought I'd take a moment and give a quick breakdown of the offerings we typically have available. We try to keep a wide variety of sizes, lengths, and styles that you can combine with your favorite Anvil Wallet any way you see fit.  A majority of our chains are handcrafted from heavy duty stainless steel jump rings. These are not the mass produced aluminum variants you'll find in other shops. Consequently these chains will actually stand up to a lot of stress. One customer even came to us with a tale about a rolling backhoe and how an Anvil Chain caught him and kept him in the cab as the machinery rolled. Pretty awesome stuff. 

Skip to the end of this post to see Wallet Chains by Length/Weight table.

Stainless Steel Persian Weave Chainmaille Wallet Chain from Anvil Customs

Seen above is the all stainless version of our 22 inch Persian Weave chainmaille wallet chain. It's a fine looking, roughly cylindrical length of chain.The Pattern creates a series of "v" shapes in sequence. It's one of if not the toughest weaves  carry. We offer it in 7, 14, and 22 inch lengths and we also offer it with two accent metal options.


Stainless Steel Half-Persian Weave Chainmaille Wallet Chain from Anvil Customs

The Half Persian Chainmaille Wallet chain might just be the perfect chain. It's easily the most popular chain we make. Seen above is the 14 inch length, but we also offer 7 inch and 22 inch lengths. Additionally we offer our standard black stainless or copper accent metals as options.


Stainless Steel Industry Weave Wallet Chain from Anvil Customs

The Industry Weave chain is a unique type of chanmaille that incorporates hex nuts. This gives it a unique look that's perfect for people like us who appreciate the tools and hardware that go into making great things. Similar to the Persian, and Half Persian weaves, we offer this in 3 sizes and 2 accent metals.


7 Inch "Too Short" Chainmaille Wallet Chains

The 7 inch "Too Short" chains are perfect for folks who don't need a lot of slack in their chain. Some people opt to use them as keychains as well and they're well suited to it. We offer them in our 3 standard chainmaille weaves, Persian, Half Persian and Industry.


Chainmaille Wallet Chain crafted from U.S. Quarters by Anvil Customs

Some of our chains incorporate coins. Seen above is a U.S. Quarters chain, however we offer Gold Dollar coins regularly too. Occasionally we offer various other limited runs using other coin currency. It's best to keep your eyes open!


Specialty Wallet Chains from Anvil Customs

Speaking of unique chains we regularly offer a few totally one-off chains that include interesting weaves, and materials. If you're the type of person that wants to have a one-of-a-kind type of piece we've got you covered.


Anvil Standard Chain

Not all of our chains are particularly showy. The Anvil Standard Steel Chains are a great, low-cost option that still look pretty righteous. These welded steel chains are self-coloring and should be lightly oiled if you don't want them to oxidize. We offer both 18 inch single and "double back" (two attached runs) length options.


Slim Chains from Anvil Customs

There are plenty of folks out there that enjoy the smaller chains and we have a handful of stainless steel options for those folks as well. We offer them in 13 and 22 inch lengths, and their sturdy stainless steel construction means they're pretty tough even for their diminutive girth. 


Here are the specs for each of the wallet chains we have available currently.