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December 11, 2013 1 min read

Am I out of the loop or what?  I just recently found out about these airbag vests for motorcyclists.  Now, I admit my first gut feeling is incredibly apprehensive and even that this is some hysterical attempt at making motorcycle riding safer.  The more pictures I see of deployed airbag vests that these bikers are wearing during a mock-crash, the more I think this is some sort of joke.  I mean, I'm imagining cruising down the road on my Yamaha XS650 lookin' all cool in my airbag vest when some hot mom pulls right out in front of me (because she was texting her boyfriend and didn't see me) and then BAM......I'm the Michelin Man, and I don't care where you're from, that look isn't cool and it's not going to impress the ladies.  But now wait a minute, I'm alive.....I might have some broken bones, but I'M ALIVE!!  And even better, I'm gonna sue and I'll be set for LIFE!!  I was the one who made the effort to not only save our planet by riding a 2-wheeler, but I was also the one who promotes safety, thus lower my insurance, thus having insurance in the first place, thus no one else had to pay for my sky rocketing medical bills!!!!  BOOMTOWN!!  These airbag vests are brilliant!  You might look like a walking portobello mushroom just sprouted on a hot summer morning if your vest deploys, but maybe, just maybe you'll walk away from that hooker who just sent your life into a tailspin.  I wonder if these come in plaid.....Hipster Airbag Vests.