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October 07, 2016 1 min read

There are a TON of Chainmaille weaves. Seriously.  We only turn a fraction of what is actually out there into slick wallet chains. One of the ways that chains are categorized is by a region of development. Originally designed as armor weaves, these patterns are named for nations that used supposedly wore them into midieval combat.

Exhibit A: "Byzantine Weave"

Exhibit B: "Full Persian Weave"

Other patterns aren't named after places at all, they're just indicative of the type of patterns used to create them. They don't necessarily bring forth visions of warriors on some grand battlefield, but they're still tough as hell.

Exhibit A: "Barrel Weave"

Now, America hasn't existed long enough as a nation to need a specific chainmaille weave. The world was already too busy busting caps for any sort of chainmaille to make a difference. But you can believe, that if America had needed to develop an armor weave, it'd be made out of money.

Exhibit A "US Quarters Coinmaille"

Exhibit B "Gold Dollar Coinmaille"