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December 20, 2016 2 min read

The Anvil - our shop's namesake - gets a lot of attention around here. But as a leather-working tool it doesn't get a ton of use. I like to tell people that the Anvil is our Mascot, the proto-tool on which all other tools are built. In reverence we cherish the Anvil. But that got me thinking. There are a TON of tools we use day in and day out that deserve some love. So with that I've decided to take a moment and feature our favorite tools from around the shop.
Or more aptly, the Rotary Leather Hole Punch crafted by C.S. Osborne. Every Snap, rivet, and chain attachment on Anvil wallets has its place. You can imagine how much usage this little guy gets around here. The best tools often have a simple design that makes them sturdy. The hole punch is no different. Its no wonder C.S. Osborne has been in business since 1826. This tool was made to last. It's sharp enough to punch its way through even the toughest leathers. All it needs a little grip strength and whammo! The rotary end has a notched central wheel that locks into place depending on what gauge is needed. The hole punches are deep, but hollow in the middle to give the leather chad (that little circle piece of leather created by punching) someplace to go. If you remember anything about simple machines from grade school this guy is a perfect example of a lever. And that's it. It doesn't do a thousand different things. It just does one thing excellently and reliably.