February 18, 2019 2 min read

We offer a couple of smaller, pocket style wallets for folks who don't necessarily carry a ton of stuff. Don't get us wrong, you can still shove plenty of stuff in a Sarasota... but it's probably going to limit your volume a little more than say a full size bifold would. We have two unique wallet styles, The "Puritan" and the "Sarasota." As well as a nifty Money Clip style wallet. 

The Puritan wallet is a fundamental chain wallet. Its got two pockets, and a chain attachment. That's it. They're sturdy, simple and built to last (Like all Anvil Wallets.) Exotic leathers get a nice broad section of colorful hide too so you can show off whatever beautiful piece of leather your wallet is made of. 

Sarasota is a great bar hopping, beach hopping pocket wallet. And while you certainly have the option to attach a chain to one, its not a necessity like the Puritan style. Sarasota Wallets are made from a carefully folded and sewn single piece of leather. They're practically indestructible. When they're snapped shut the fold creates a sort-of easy access pocket that you can slide stuff into and out of easily without having to open the whole thing up. They're great for folks who carry mainly cards, and maybe a few bucks for the bar tip. They also have a sneaky little pocket beneath the flap that people store all sorts of little trinkets in.

Anvil's Money Clip Wallets are righteous and low-key. They've got two basic card slots and a money clip built right in. We can add a chain attachment too, just in case you want to make sure that slim wallet doesn't disappear on you. Don't sleep on these bad boys - great things often come in small packages.

You can find all of these current wallets in our Small Wallets Collection now - which we recommend you do frequently, since our available stock is always rotating.

Basically, no matter what type of wallet you're interested in carrying Anvil has a high quality answer for. And, with a large and always changing selection of exotic leathers you're probably going to want to snag a couple depending on your style for whatever adventure you end up on.

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