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August 05, 2020 3 min read

Sometimes people get confused. And its not their fault because on the internet there's no guarantee that a customer understands the scope of a business. Especially one like Anvil, where we tend to fire on all cylinders (or attempt to) and have a more polished web presence than some other small businesses. Some folks just see a product they like the look of, hit buy and wait for their product to arrive, without ever considering the size of the business or the cogs that have to spin in just the right way to make sure everything goes smoothly with their order. Anvil Customs is a business of 3 people. I'm going to say that again for the people in the back. Anvil Customs is a company comprised of 3 people making things. Besides making all the products on this website we also manage our website, social media, advertising and customer service in house. We balance a lot of plates.

Sometimes people get confused. There's a chance people message us when they have a problem expecting to get the runaround like they do with larger less personal businesses. They think they're messaging some disassociated random guy at a troubleshooting center in Nevada. So let me just take a moment to educate you on how it works. Usually when you contact Anvil Customs you're talking to RyanTheAnvil himself. His name is on the door, and his initials are on every wallet that leaves this shop. That means he is definitely wants to make sure every customer is happy with their order. Occasionally you might communicate with me (Nathen) on account issues, shipping issues or website issues, but you're always communicating with one of us. You'll never have to worry about contacting someone who isn't involved in some way directly with your order.

I suspect there are some people who are used to dealing with the faceless customer service robots who have no empathy or emotion regarding their order so let me just say that we genuinely do care about all the orders and any issues that may arise. We do make things by hand and we do manage quite a few orders and we do get a ton of messages but we're committed to making sure you have a great experience with us. And we politely ask that you as a customer be patient and understanding if things go wrong. Because sometimes things do. We dislike it as much as you do when they do, and we strive to make sure every experience excellent. You work hard for your money and if you decide to spend it with us we are very grateful to have your patronage.

That being said, we also work hard and we're proud of the products we put out. We stand behind them with a lifetime warranty for a reason. Not often, but occasionally people try to take advantage of that. Small businesses do not have the types of safety nets that large companies with deep pockets have. When we have to refund an order of any value we feel that. Frankly, it sucks. We'd much rather fix or exchange a product if there's an issue. Additionally we also prefer to offer discounts, credits, and rewards point to customers instead of flat out refunds. We know if you're patient with us you'll get something you love. 

Luckily, our customers are very frequently quite happy with their shopping experience with us. We're blessed to have an awesome, supportive fanbase as craftsman, and as creators. We get to be pretty silly, have a good time, and still put out serious high quality hand made products. We've been at it a long time (especially by internet/ecommerce standards) and we don't plan on going anywhere anytime soon. So let's just say thanks for understanding, thanks for supporting Anvil Customs, and let's make some rad stuff together.