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May 25, 2017 1 min read

Understandably there are some moral implications when we consider a piece of exotic leather to use here at the shop. We're not interested in supporting poachers under any circumstance. Everything we purchase is inspected and tagged by CITES, and you'll see a green tag attached to that big elephant ear Ryan is holding in the featured image. We started to keep those tags by the way. Its a small reminder out of the respect for the animals we use leather from to make things. 

So if you pick up a Hippo wallet, or an Elephant belt from us you should know a few things.

  1. You're going to get the absolutely, most top of the line, premium product we can muster. We use every single scrap of exotic leather. The hide, and the animal it came from are too precious to waste.
  2. You can rest easy knowing that the animal your product came from wasn't poached illegally, and doesn't come from a protected species. A true appreciation for leather starts with a genuine care for the animal it came from.