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March 11, 2019 1 min read

Most store-bought belts are garbage:

It's no secret that here Anvil we make some pretty high quality wallets. Sometimes people forget that we make some of the best belts on the face of the planet too. The fact of the matter is, most of the belts you buy at the store are garbage. They're made of thin leather that covers a sort of vinyl or plastic strip. These belts stretch, tear and otherwise deteriorate in about a year with even light usage. These warped and mangled strips of junk are nothing you can pass down to your children. 

Why our belts are better:

Belts are at their best when they're uncomplicated. Simple. We take 1, sometimes 2 (for exotic) strips of high quality leather and give them a clean crisp edge. We size them, sew them, wax them and then add the brass hardware. That's it. We don't cheap out on materials, we don't fuss on fancy details, we just care about the quality of the product you wear. Occasionally we might have some exotic hide large enough to make a few sharp dress belts, but we apply all the same technique and care to those rare hides as we do all our standard cowhide belts. Oh and did we mention the belts have a lifetime warranty? If a thread breaks or a snap wears out let us know and we'll fix it. Easy as that. Our belts are built in a way that can be handed down through generations, heirlooms of the highest quality.