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October 13, 2017 1 min read

New Motorcycle Products, Seats Back in Stock

We've been working on some pretty rad little Motorcycle gear over the summer, and I figured I'd point them out since maybe you missed them?

1. HARLEY-DAVIDSON ALARM REMOTE KEY LEATHER FOB - We had a customer request us to make one of these little round fobs for his Harley alarm, and when we showed them off people fell in love with them. So now they're on in the shop on the reg. If you own a Harley check it out!

2. HAND TOOLED LEATHER MOTORCYCLE FUEL RESERVE SLING - These are super fresh (Just posted today). It's never a bad idea to have a little spare fuel if you're on the long road.

3.MOTORCYCLE GEAR LEATHER TIE-DOWN STRAPS - Simple and Straight forward, but also super useful. A pair of straps you can use to strap stuff to your bike.

4.ANVIL LEATHER MOTORCYCLE / CHOPPER SOLO SPRING SEAT - Alright technically not new, but I got steel pans back in stock so if you're looking for a rad leather chopper seat look no further!