April 17, 2017 2 min read


Ryan has been working on the prototypes for the new Bifold Design this morning. You can see all of the template pieces on the work table there. Getting all those drawn to spec by hand is a tedious task. 
templating 2

Here Ryan is using his expert level spatial reasoning to very precisely use the optimal amount of leather for his templates...
templating 2

In all reality it is actually very important we use as much of the leather as possible whenever we're hand cutting templates. Its a lot of work to hand cut prototypes. We want to make sure we keep production costs low by efficiently using our supplies.

Once all of the pieces are marked Ryan will cut out the parts and begin sewing them together and adding hardware. The New Bifold design includes a more robust chain attachment similar to the new mini bifolds he developed late last year.

Here You can see a size comparison of the mini bifold to the new full size bifold. The mini bifold design was so successful we tried to incorporate many of its elements into a larger format. 
prototype comparison

Additionally we've added an stand alone I.D. Pocket that can show your license without having to remove the card. We've had several requests for this over the years but we were always hesitant because people typically want some sort of clear plastic junk. Anvil Chain Wallets are made of leather, simple as that. Adding any sort of plastic element was just going to be a no go. Finally Ryan settled on a slot that's just big snug enough to hold your card without warping it. This addition to the design is a little more work, but should be solid enough to stand up to the long-lasting quality you come to expect from Anvil Wallets.


If you want to get your hands on one of these super limited prototypes you can message Ryan here. Price is going to be $145. Retail price once we get them up on the site will likely be $199-$250.





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